• “The most Biologically Intense Place on Earth”. National Geographic

    Osa, Pacífico Sur de Costa Rica

  • Thalassotherapy with real Dead Sea water.

    “Hovering and floating contributes to the health and mental and physical immunity”. NASA
    With an innovative & sophisticated designed system the Spa-room reproduces healing climatic and environmental conditions have the Dead Sea, the Roman emperors already knew thousands years ago. (similar healing sun ray frequency, air minerals, and the 27 sales and minerals of the real Dead Sea water)

    (Free of sewage and chemicals)

Exclusive Boutique Hotel & Nature SPA


Stability and legal security.

The land, Building Constructions, and environmental, expansion, hotel & SPA operation permits, belong to a Costa Rican society, “Sortisomnis, SA” Legal Cedula 3-101-643840.

Government & Viability permits License No. SETENA -06 to 072,012 D2-7891-2012.

The Costa Rica government protects and encourages foreign investment. Foreign investors are given the residence in the country, to benefit from the free medical care Social Security, very low corporate and property taxes, exempt from paying capital gains tax on real estate, protection and absolute legal guarantee on their property and investments,

Thanks to these policies many companies such as Siemens and Intel, and small investors choose for investing in Costa Rica.

The high quality of its health system makes many people around the world come to Costa Rica for medical treatment.


A foreign investor has the same rights, privileges and legal protection of their property to a Costa Rican citizen. Foreigners are allowed to own all shares in a company and land ownership. Without any limitation.

SortisomniS, having all their assets and land on behalf of a legal company and not as an individual. This greatly economizing, facilitates and accelerates purchase and transfer. All goods passing -almost immediately- on behalf of the new shareholders of the company.

Costa Rica #1 Peace Index

Costa Rica #1 Peace Index

The best View

Area To sell (6,896m² or 74,227.93 ft²) of Ocean View Land from an registred area of (86,875.52 ft² or 8,071 m²)

Due to the privileged SortisomniS location, its 600 meters above sea level, sun orientation, its sloping topography, and without any element or mountain interposed between SortisomniS and the Pacific Ocean or the Osa Peninsula mountains, make SortisomniS one of the best places in Costa Rica.

Over its entire surface, in all current and future buildings (eg new infinty pool, restaurant, more cabanas or Villas, etc) all these elements will enjoy the spectacular ocean, rio Térraba and Osa Peninsula views, that characterize and make SortisomniS unique in Costa Rica.

Its more than panoramic 180º allow to contemplate resplendent sunsets over the Pacific Ocean  from its current and future stays. Due to the immense breadth of the landscape that is contemplated, a spatial effect occurs, like flying over the area, described by many hotel guests like to be touching the sky.

SortisomniS Ocean Views

SortisomniS Ocean Views

To receive directly the cool sea breezes with no mountain’s capable of hindering,
you can enjoy in SortisomniS an ideal climate with an average temperature throughout the year of 72.2 °F (24°C).

The absence of corrosive salinity, hot muggy, mosquitos or the imperious need for air conditioners normally characterized in property surroundings the beach or sea level, make SortisomniS a welcoming and comfortable place.

Due to the environmental purity where SortisomniS is immersed, you can breathe one of the purest air in the world, without any possible contamination 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The land in SortisomniS is very fertile and suitable for growing many fruit trees, vegetables, and a variety of crops.

New Osa Hospital

New Osa Hospital 15minutes from SortisomniS

Located in one of the areas with more quality and abundance of water, near one of the most modern hospitals in the country and a local airport, good access, proximity to several towns with banks, supermarkets and other basic services, good Internet quality, electric supply 120v or 220v from the primary network of the country, and a very good cell phone coverage, make SortisomniS a very suitable place, balancing environmental purity with good infrastructures and amenities.

Organic food production

Coffee, Cacao, Papaya, Ginger, Avocados, Mandarin Oranges, Sweet Orange, Rice, Corn, Beans, Potatoes, Yucca, Bamboo, Yampi, Sugar Cane, Coconut, Noni, Rambutan (Lichi adapted from Asia), Bananas, Plantains, Vegetables, sheep, chickens (milk & eggs daily), etc.

SortisomniS Organic food production

 SortisomniS Organic food production

The land in SortisomniS is an amazing fertility for planting and growing diversity of autonomous food. The SortisomniS own production planned has been designed to be of quality, diversified, and sufficient to supply about 8 or 10 people about it, and in some cases surplus for sale.

It is also designed to show SortisomniS Hotel customers, the process of cultivation, production and tasting of fresh products. It is also planned about 8 Creole chickens and a couple of sheep area to daily supply fully organic eggs and nutritious sheep milk.

Now most of this production you can collect seasonal or year-round, and other of them is planned collection in the future. All this cultivation area is optional, as desired further boost farming and self-sufficiency aspect or building more lodging or communal areas.

Should be noted that we have looked the seeds of native origin (originating from indigenous ancestors of the area), without genetic manipulation, or chemicals, and fully autoreproducibles multiple times year after year, without any dependence on the purchase to external companies.


Permits for growing

You can expand with pools, common areas, restaurant, cabanas and villas.

Environmental and government permits have already been given to expand.

SortisomniS 3D Renders Pool: (The backgrounds pictures are real, and with the prospect and view correct)

Sortisomnis 3D Render Pool

Sortisomnis 3D Render Pool

SortisomniS DSea SPA

SortisomniS DSea SPA

SortisomniS 3D Render Pool SortisomniS 3D Render Pool[/caption]

Sortisomnis 3D Render Pool

Sortisomnis 3D Render Pool

SortisomniS 3D Render Pool[/caption]

13 Suite #6

SortisomniS Master Plan Created May 13, 2015

Sortisomnis 3D Render Dsea SPAPool

Sortisomnis 3D Render Dsea SPAPool

4-5 independent possible segregations.


The 6896 m2 of SortisomniS to sell land can be divided (segregate) up to about 4-5 fully independent properties. Each division could have its own registred plane, and belong -each one- to different owners.

SortisomniS has already made the topographic and law firm in case the future owner decides in the future choose this option.

For example segregation may be interested, if desired in the future, create a small community of independent owners, with some common area, including a swimming pool, etc.

All 4-5 independent properties derived also have ocean views, which can provide significant added value. if desired this option.

The divisions that are shown in the image is only an option. It could increase the area of some of them up to 1000 m2 or more.

Ideal for retirement as well


SortisomniS Ocean Views

Very ideal area for retirement, with many nearby amenities and good infrastructures. One of the most advanced and modern hospitals in Costa Rica is just a few minutes.

Facilities for residence in the country, low taxes for foreigners, and all factors to enjoy good health, thanks to environmental air purity, beaches with crystal clear waters, and possibility of organic farming itself.

To hire people to help in the house, or in the cultivation, it can be between $ 2 or $ 3 an hour.

Of the three existing houses today, One of them could serve to private housing, the other for domestic service or guests, and the other one -with capacity up to 8 or 9 people- to rent.

All the infraestuctura to rent is ready and running. Sheets, towels, soap, laundry, full equipment, permits, etc.

There is also the Nature SPA, Hydrotherapy system, massage area, for their own use and also if you want to rent.

SortisomniS design, the current housing and the Nature SPA, It was created from the beginning considering this possibility. With separate entrances, access bridges to avoid stairs, separated areas, etc.

If desired also could create a small restaurant to do business, as the location for this type of business, hotel, spa and restaurant, is ideal.

And all with ocean views.


Isla Violín Deluxe Suite & Isla del Caño Deluxe Suite - Ocean Views

The Isla Violin & Isla del Caño Deluxe Suites, accommodates up to 4 guests each one and have a large balcony with spectacular views of the Ocean, Terraba River and glowing sunsets over the sea.

On the first floor you have 1 Queen bed, a private bathroom with shower, a small kitchenette, and a glass front area that can be used for desktop or for yours cold easy meals/breakfast zone.

Climbing a wooden staircase you can access to an open Mezzanine floor with glass walls and 1 Full bed.

The Suite feature walls with bamboo detail, large panoramic crystals, Palma style ceilings. Free parking is at the door of the Suite.

There is the possibility to connect through a rustic bamboo door located in the balcony both Deluxe Suites. Parking at the door of the Suite.

In the following table we show the characteristics of each one of the 2 rooms of this Villa.

Free parking right outside of the room door. All-year fresh sea breezes.
OcuppancySizeRoomsPanoramic ViewsBedsBalcony-Amenities
Min = 1Pax
Max= 4Pax
328 ft2
1 Rooms
1 Mezzanine
(Crystall walls)
1 Bathrooms
Ocean View
Mountain view
River view
1 Queen
1 Full
1 with Sea View1 MiniBar (small fridge)
1 microwave
1 Hairdryer
1 Personal safety deposit box

Marino Ballena Deluxe Room - Hot Tub - Ocean Views

The Marino Ballena Deluxe Room with hot tub accommodates up to 2 guests and has 1 bedroom with views of the jungle, the Terraba River and the Pacific Ocean.

The room has a Queen bed, 3 spacious wooden cupboards, large balcony with panoramic views, desk area with glass front and a private bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

Possibility of parking 1 meter from the Room.

Free parking right outside of the room door. All-year fresh sea breezes.
OcuppancySizeRoomsPanoramic ViewsBedsBalconyKitchenAmenities
Min = 1Pax
Max= 2Pax
377 ft2
(35 m2)
1 Room
1 Bathroom
1 Private Hot tub
1 Crystall view desk
Ocean View
Mountain view
River view
1 Queen1 with Sea View1 MiniBar (Small fridged)

Alexandra Deluxe Room - Ocean Views

The Alexandra Deluxe Room accommodates up to 4 guests and has 2 bedroom with views of the jungle, the Terraba River and the Pacific Ocean.

The room has one Queen bed and one double/full bed, 3 spacious wooden cupboards, large balcony with panoramic views, two separates areas, desk area with glass front and a private bathroom.

Possibility of parking 10 meters from the Room.

Free parking right outside of the room door. All-year fresh sea breezes.
OcuppancySizeRoomsPanoramic ViewsBedsBalconyKitchenAmenities
Min = 1Pax
Max= 4Pax
592 ft2
(55 m2)
2 Room
1 Bathroom
1 Crystall view desk
Ocean View
Mountain view
River view
1 Queen
1 Full
1 with Sea View1 MiniBar (Small fridged)

Capitan Drake Cabaña Room - Ocean Views

The Capitan Drake Cabaña Room accommodates up to 2 guests and has 1 bedroom with views of the jungle, the Terraba River and the Pacific Ocean.

The room has a Queen bed, and a private separated bathroom with a Shower.

Parking at the door of the Suite.

Free parking right outside of the room door. All-year fresh sea breezes.
OcuppancySizeRoomsPanoramic ViewsBedsBalconyKitchenAmenities
Min = 1Pax
Max= 2Pax
259 ft2 (24 m2)1 Room
1 Bathroom
1 Shower
Ocean View
Jungle View
Mountain view
River view
1 Queen

New projected areas - All with Panoramic Ocean Views

New Restaurant, Infinity Swmming pool, etc… All areas with Panoramic Ocean Views.

Activities & Dining

Nearby Waterfall & Jungle Forest Hiking Tours

Waterfalls. Nearby SortisomniS are three spectacular waterfalls. Enjoy a hike through the rainforest to one of the best waterfalls in the area as well as the animals that inhabit the zone and an overnight camping area where, if you’re brave enough, you can sleep in the jungle… “survivor” style.

Hiking and mountain biking. -Enjoy adventure tours right from your front door at SortisomniS. There are also miles of nature trails for hiking and mountain biking winding their way through over hundreds acres of old growth rainforest where SortisomniS is immersed.

Birding is a popular past time and birders will not be disappointed at SortisomniS. More than 200 species of tropical birds have been identified in the area including a spotting of Harpy Eagles. – Bring your best binoculars for either of these tours! A walking stick and good walking/hiking shoes are recommended for all hikes.

Nighttime Nature Hikes – The jungle comes alive at night and a guided tour is the best way to appreciate this incredible world. You will see many different types of bugs and possibly some other nocturnal creatures like snakes hunting for their dinner perhaps.

Zipline. Adventure tours and other activities begin right from 400m of your room! One of Southern Costa Rica’s most popular zipline tours with a Tarzan swing, the “Osa Canopy Tour” begins right on the SortsiomniS, only a short walk away. With so many zipline tours you simply fly over the area… but with the Osa Canopy Tour you fly both above and through the jungle canopy! There are 9 cables, 11 platforms, 2 repelling stations, 2 suspension bridges, and an amazing “Tarzan” swing for the truly adventurous!

Beaches, rivers & national parks

Beaches. There are beaches, rivers, mountains and numerous national parks nearby offering many different adventure tours and attractions with guides usually waiting at the entrances to popular parks like Manuel Antonio to the north. There are other national parks within driving distance of SortisomniS to explore such as Corcovado, Chirripo and Piedras Blancas to name just a few.

Snorkeling and Diving Tour – The Caño Island Biological Reserve is located 22 miles away from Osa Peninsula, northwest from Corcovado National Park. It was used by pre-columbians as a cemetery and sacred place.

The Island is 110 above sea level. The volcanic rock formations provide the foundation for coral colonies, consisting of five platforms for coral reefs that are ideal for diving and snorkeling. You will be able to watch small mollusks, crustaceans and an endless incredible fish such as angel fish, clown fish, parrot fish, eels, shoals, sharks, stingrays and turtles.

The surface of the Island has crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, some of which disappear during high tide. Occasionally you can swim with dolphins and turtles in this paradise.

Megalithic Spheres Museum Tour. – Finca seis holds the unique pre-columbian museum in Costa Rica, declared as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

In this place you will appreciate the spheres in their original alignment. It shows the way of life of the pre-columbian societies that lived in the area known as the Diquis delta (cacical societies that had their moment of glory in the period between 800 and 1500 BC).

Despite its aesthetic beauty, the areas are much more than sculptural objects. The tour shows the visitor what archaeological investigations have been able to decipher so far on our pre-columbian ancestors in that region.

The museum exhibits four original parts: a sphere, a statue of dowel base, a sculpture of a feline and a ceremonial grinding stone (metate).

Sport Fishing Tour.- Blue and crystal clear waters are perfect for sport fishing lovers. Few miles away from the Osa coast you will find species for human consumption and others that you will need to set free, like Sailfish, Mackarel, Dolphin Fish, Mahi Mahi, Blue, Black and Stripe Marlin, Wahoos, Snapper fish, Roosterfish, tuna fish, snook fish.

The fishing tour is private and is customized to the client’s preferences. For this reason, we have a specially equipped fishing boat to ensure a safe and comfortable tour, with a marine band communication radio and GPS.

You can choose between a half day tour, full day tour or the specialized fishing tour.

The adventure is carried out responsibly, within and outside the coast, always abide by the requirements established by Inco-pesca and the regulations of law.

Whale Watching Tour. - The warm water found at Osa Peninsula’s beaches and sea, are suitable for whales to come during the mating season and give birth to their babies.

Humpback whales come from the south of the continent, and you will see them along with different species of dolphins.

From January to March, the whales come from North America. Besides the dolphins and Humpback whales, you will also see the Orca (Killer whale).

River & Mangrove Tour. - The Térraba-Sierpe mangrove is one of the largest wetlands in Central America and the largest wetland of Costa Rica. It has 32,000 hectares and is highly diverse in terms of biodiversity, because it has six families of mangle.

While you know the mangrove ecosystem, its importance and benefits, in this journey, we will be able to observe some 40 different types of birds, mangrove boa snakes, cat’s eyes and corals, titi monkeys or white face monkeys, caimans, crocodiles, and Jesus Christ lizards, among other species.

This mangrove is one of the largest sites of archaeological interest of the country, inhabited by indigenous people 300 years BC. This is also where the stone carved spheres are found, declared by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

Corcovado National Park Tour. - National Geographic named it the most intense place in the world, biologically speaking, and it is estimated that no place in the world (that possesses a similar extension) has greater biological diversity.

The Corcovado National Park is a paradisiacal site larger than 52.000 hectares, which has primary and secondary forest, beaches and spring waterfalls in tropical climate.

In this park you will be able to observe more than one hundred different types of birds and other animals within their own habitat, as three-toed and two finger Sloths, coatis, tapirs, anteaters, dart frogs (Poisonous and Talamanca), white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, and a species in danger of extinction: the howler monkey.

You can choose the tour to the Park Ranger Station San Pedrillo or the tour to the Park Ranger Station Siren. The journey includes whales and dolphins search (if it is seasonal).


Local Costa Rica Restaurants

Do you enjoy dining out? Costa Rica restaurant choices near SortsiomniS will not disappoint you. The southern area is home to some of the most incredible chef’s in the country. You will never get tired of the fantastic array of flavorful cuisine available at our neighbors Osa Mountain Village and the local restaurants. Below is information about dining very close and also the local area

Costa Rica Restaurant Choices Nearby

There are many fine Costa Rica restaurants nearby. Some of the finest food and cuisine in the country can be found in Ojochal, and Uvita which are both just north of SortisomniS.

Below are just a few of the many great Costa Rica restaurant options nearby…


In the village of Ojochal, “Mediterranean Fusion” – great steaks and seafood – 30 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$$$

Diquis del Sur

Located in Ojochal on Calle Papagayo, Diquis offers intimate dining, indigenous atmosphere, affordable cuisine with mix of Costa Rican, Canadian, and Mediterranean – 30 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$


Located in the village of Ojochal, Exotica is a small cafe with world-class French cuisine. This is Costa Rica restaurant dining at its very best – 30 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$$$

La Ponderosa

Along Ojo de Agua’s – the road to the Osa Hospital in Ciudad Cortes – great tica cooks & drinks, free wi-fi, 20 minutes away from SortisomniS $$

Los Manglares

5 kilometers south of Ojochal on the ocean side serving traditional tico fare with an ocean view – 25 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$

Mamma e Papa

Also in the village of Ojochal,Mamma e Papa serves up Italian cuisine straight from Italy – 30 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$

Restaurant Marino Ballena

Located in Uvita on the Costanera Sur across from Banco Costa Rica, free wi-fi, 40 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$

Roadhouse 169

Located north of Ojochal on the Costanera Sur across from Hotel Cristal Ballena, live music and American style food, 35 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$

The Dome

Located in the town of Uvita, The Dome cooks up great hamburgers, pizza and Mexican burritos at this drive up diner – 40 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$

Villa Leonor at Ballena Beach Club

Located 8k south of Uvita. Lunch and dinner by reservation. Tuesday closed, beach access and parking with restaurant purchase, 35minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$

Ylang Ylang

Located in the village of Ojochal, Ylang Ylang offer world-class Indonesian and Thai cuisine – 30 minutes north on the Costanera Hwy $$$$

Please ask about possible changes and updates.

Banquet Events

Are you looking for a place to have your next banquet event?

Our Toucan Valley Neighbor offer seating for up to 40 people with full course meals at reasonable rates. Their cooks will be sure to cook up something special for your guests that will more than please. You can consult with them to come up with a menu for your event that will be tasty and fulfilling while still fitting into your budget.

Toucan Valley bar is located adjacent to the Restaurant and can provide full bar service if desired. You’ll also find a pool table and ping pong table for your guests to enjoy while we host your event, and in the same area as the swimming pool.

1.- SJO Internacional Juan Santamaría Airport (4h).

2.- Playa Uvita (45min).

3.- Catarata Nauyaca (1:20h).

4.- Playa Tortuga (35min), Playa Garza, Playa Ventanas, Playa Piñuelas, Playa Ballena.

5.- Ciudad Cortés (25min), Palmar Norte (30min).

6.- Local Palmar Sur  Airport PMZ (30min). (and 45min flying from the Capita, San José)

7.- Río Sierpe, pier (45min).


SJO Internacional Juan Santamaría Airport (4h)


Playa Uvita (50min)


Nauyaca Waterfalls (1:20h)


Playa Tortuga (45min) + Playa Garza, Playa Piñuelas, Playa Ventanas, Playa Ballena….


Ciudad Cortés (25min), Palmar Norte (30min)


Palmar Sur Local Airport PMZ (30min) (45min flying from the Capita, San José)


Rio Sierpe, pier (45min)


Isla del Caño (1h by boat) Biological Reserve.


Corcovado, National Park (1hour by boat)


Pre-Columbian stone spheres (35min) World Heritage Site.


OMV-Resort Restaurant, swimming pool, Bar, Ping-Pong (400meters)


Canopy (200meters), Cataratas (10min walking in the Jungle)



8.- Isla del Caño (1h by boat). Biological Reserve.

9.- Corcovado, National Park (1h by boat).

10.- Pre-Columbian stone spheres (35min) World Heritage Site.

11.- OMV-Resort Restaurant, swimming pool, Bar, Ping-Pong (400meters)

12.- Canopy (200meters) Waterfalls (10min walking in the Jungle)

13.- SortisomniS

Avion 45min

You can reach SortisomniS in a domestic flights from the Capital San Jose (SJO).

1)  From San Jose Airport, Juan Santamaria International (SJO) to Palmar Sur Local Airport (PMZ), the flight takes about 45 minutes. (The value of the ticket can range from $ 75USD to 129USD $ per way and person). There are two airlines that provide these routes: Sansa and Natureair.

2) Once in Palmar Sur, it takes in Vehicle to SortisomniS about 30 minutes.

3) To do this journey by car, there are several options: rent a car, taxi services or private Transfers. All of them might be waiting for you at the Palmar Sur airport. Contact us, we will help you to inform and plan your arrival. Thank You.

All domestic flights in Costa Rica are certified as being carbon neutral and will compensate all carbon emissions emitted by your flight.

SortisomniS, S.A.  Osa Hotel y Nature SPA

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60501 Ciudad Cortés, OSA,  Costa Rica

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Cédula Jurídica 3-101-643840


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